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    My Story

    Hello! My name is Rhonda Marie Stalb. I’m a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and the Relationship Strategist for you, the motivated, faith-filled, Christian woman who is ready to achieve a healthy, loving, and secure relationship.

    Do you dream of being closely connected to your partner? Me too! I can totally relate.

    When I was 19, I married my first husband. I was starving for love and connection with someone. So, I handed my heart over to the first one who was willing to take it. Big mistake! The relationship was unhealthy and extremely dysfunctional right from the start.

    You see, when I was a child, my parents didn’t bother showing me what a healthy marriage was supposed to be. My father beat my mother repeatedly and he finally left to pursue an affair, along with drugs and alcohol. After he left, my mother was so depressed that she often left me in dangerous situations. Then when I was 8, an accidental drug overdose killed her. She was only 31 years old.

    So from that point forward, my abandonment issues sabotaged every relationship I had. I continued to involve myself in one dysfunctional relationship after another. I didn’t know what true love was. It seemed normal to me that my ex-husband was abusive, cold, and distant. That’s what I was used to.

    Then in 2007, the unthinkable happened. I finally learned how dysfunctional my first marriage was and how dangerous my ex-husband was.

    After 15 years of marriage, I walked in on him molesting our daughter, who was 7 years old at the time. This totally devastated our family. Of course, I immediately took action and protected my daughter by calling the authorities.

    Her biological father was incarcerated for 10 years. He was charged with several counts of sexual assault on a minor. I filed for divorce soon after and then, my three children and I moved from the Big Island of Hawaii to North Alabama. We had to flee for our safety.

    Once we gained a stable home, the real work began. God really protected us and provided for us. He made Himself bigger than all we went through. He led us to gifted therapists, mentors, and pastors.

    God helped me learn that I can’t heal what I don’t acknowledge, so I had to get real. The minute I surrendered to the help God gave us, our lives started to improve.

    The kids and I finally experienced some stability, peace, and healing.

    I had to admit my powerlessness to fix everything that went wrong. When I did that, God showed up Big time! I prayed every day and held on to my faith for dear life. I was diligent in asking Him to help me break those negative relational patterns.  And guess what? He did!

    I won’t lie, therapy was uncomfortable and painful. There were days I wanted to run out of the therapy office and just forget it all. The road was longer than I wanted it to be. But it was so worth it. Because now I’m living in victory. I overcame my dysfunctional relationship patterns and trauma.

    If you’re wondering how God put me on the right path, I’ll tell you! After tons of therapy, in 2008, I began my MFT Master of Arts Program. In 2011, I married my best friend Doug and he is a loving, compassionate man who is NOT abusive at all!

    In 2012, I graduated with honors and achieved a Master’s Degree in Marriage & Family Therapy. And now, I’m a fully Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist who helps motivated, Christian married women to create healthy, loving relationships and heal the broken ones.

    For the last 11 years, I’ve been chasing my passion to create a therapy practice so I can help you overcome painful and dysfunctional relational patterns. I’m compelled to find out how I can help more women thrive in their love relationships.

    You don’t have to settle for lackluster, dysfunctional, abusive, or disconnected marriages. I can help you imagine and create the possibility of healthy, loving relationships. Let’s get to work and start making that happen. Make an appointment today!

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    Why Rhonda?

    There are numerous therapists in Tennessee and Alabama. You want to know what makes me different. I get that! I believe that every woman possesses a remarkable desire to feel secure, connected, and loved. And….

    I’m Completely Faith-Centered

    I have a Christ-centered worldview, which means I strive to live out compassion, integrity, and love in my daily life and work. I also acknowledge our need for God because He is the power greater than us who can make miracles happen!

    I’m Invested In You And Your Success In Therapy

    I’ve invested over $200,000 in my professional development and pursuing the best training in the mental health and counseling industry. When you work with me, you have the additional benefit of the high-level clinical training I’ve had for the last 11 years.

    There have been many gifted clinical and professional eyes on my work with clients to ensure my competence as a therapist. So you can be confident that I know what I’m doing. Plus, I’ve already helped hundreds of women find freedom from their traumatic pasts and dysfunctional relational patterns.

    Once Upon A Time, I’ve Felt Disconnected, Rejected, Frustrated, Abandoned, Ashamed, And Alone. I’ve Been There. 

    But, I’ve taken many courageous steps, leaps, and bounds to create a therapy practice and a life I love to live with my husband. My children are now adults on their own journey. You could say, I’m living the dream!

    Credentials & Licenses

    Licensed & qualified Marriage & Family Therapist in 2 States.

    License Numbers

    L478 (Alabama)

    #1857 (Tennessee)

    Board Certified by the Alabama Board of Examiners of Marriage and Family Therapy and Tennessee Board of Examiners of Marriage and Family Therapy.

    AAMFT Approved Supervisor ID# 130229 

    Active member and Clinical Fellow of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy.

    Continuing Education Credentials in Family Therapy, Couples Therapy, Trauma Treatment, and Substance Abuse Treatment.

    Certified in Telehealth Therapy and Employee Assistance Program Services.

    If you’re willing to diligently and collaboratively put in the work, I can teach you the strategies you need to finally achieve the healthy, loving relationship of your dreams.