• Compassionate Relational Therapy for Healing Broken Relationships

    You’re ready for a relationship makeover….Let’s Make it Happen!

    You’re longing for trust, security, and connection with your spouse. You’ve tried seeking advice from friends & family, reading magazine articles and listening to podcasts on relationships, desperately searching the internet for answers, begging your spouse to change, and numbing your pain in hurtful and unhealthy ways.  

    But, all those things haven’t worked. And now you’re fed up with the pain that torments you.

    What if you could finally achieve the healthy, loving relationship you’ve always wanted? What if you could create the connection you’ve always dreamed of and go to your spouse with any concerns without feeling judged? Imagine if you could finally experience the healing you desire. 

    And as a result, you had more trust, security, and self-esteem than you’ve ever imagined possible. Which means that you could finally feel loved, respected, and secure in your spouse’s love each and every day. 

    Hey There! I’m Rhonda Marie Stalb, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and Relationship Strategist. I help motivated, faith-filled, Christian married women heal from abusive and dysfunctional relationships so they can finally achieve healthy, loving relationships.

    Plus, I’ve been there! I had an early abusive marriage and I was able to heal from it. Now, I live in freedom & victory. You can read the rest of my story HERE

    You’re meant feel secure in healthy, loving relationships. You’re also created to experience ever-lasting love and connection. It’s time to take action and make a positive transformation. Don’t delay because your time is NOW! Get started today by clicking on the button below to schedule an appointment.

    About Rhonda Marie Stalb LMFT

    Hello! My name is Rhonda Marie Stalb. I’m a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and the Relationship Strategist for you, the motivated, faith-filled, Christian woman who is ready to achieve a healthy, loving, and secure relationship. 

    Do you dream of being closely connected to your spouse? Me too! I can totally relate.

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