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  • You Are Not a Bad Christian for Struggling with Anxiety and Depression

    Are you a Christian who struggles with depression and anxiety? You would be surprised at how many Christians struggle with mental health issues.

    Caris Snider shares her inspiring and encouraging story about how she overcame depression anxiety through cooperating with God and getting the help she needed.

    Here is Caris Snider’s Bio:

    Caris Snider is a Christian Communicator who shares the hope of God through speaking, writing,  coaching, and leading worship. She is the author of Anxiety Elephants 31 Day Devotional and Anxiety Elephants 90 Day Devotional for Tween Boys and Girls. She has a new devotional coming with B&H Publishing for all the car line moms in Fall of 2023! She shares from personal experience of overcoming depression, anxiety, fear, and shame. Caris desires to help women of all generations see their value and worth through the eyes of the Lord to grow in their faith and mental health. Caris offers inspiration to those who feel purposeless to discover their God-given calling no one else can accomplish. Caris lives with her husband, Brandon, and two daughters in Cullman, AL. For more information about Caris, her ministry, books, or speaking, go to:

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