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    "Great counselor. Very helpful and insightful!" T.A

    "She is awesome and very helpful!" S.H.

    "Appreciated the professionalism and nonjudgmental listening." G.A.

    "Rhonda is an excellent counselor." D.A.

    "First and foremost -- Rhonda has flexible times that work well within our odd schedule. In just a few meetings she has already guided us in a positive direction. We look forward to our future meetings and how she can help us have a stronger marriage." LR

    "I’m very glad I was assigned Rhonda Stalb as my counselor. She has given me a variety of action plans to help me through each issue. She has really gotten to the root of the problem and is helping me address that. I’m very thankful for her." P.A.

    "I have found Rhonda to be a highly skilled professional. The greatest gift she offers is believing in her clients. She compassionately meets them where they are in their experience and helps to design a path to help them regain their strength and confidence in themselves. It has been a pleasure working with her." SK

    "So far, I am very happy with the help I am receiving from Rhonda. She listens and is insightful. She is encouraging but also realistic about what it will take to address my issues. She has also recommended several books to help me. I'm glad I was matched with her." C.O.

    "Rhonda is so kind and helpful in everything she does, and always seeking new ways to help her clients." MT

    "Rhonda genuinely cares about the wellness of her clients." DB

    "I'm super glad God blessed me with RS. I was afraid of therapy until I got her." K.A.

    "Rhonda's personal story brings her a sense of compassion and empathy that far exceeds her training. She is an overcomer driven to help her clients see that real recovery is possible through time, healing, and faith." VL

    "Rhonda is awesome, plain and simple. Not only does she listen really well but she understands too. From the first session you can tell that she genuinely cares about her clients as individuals as she's always willing to go above and beyond to be available to respond to text messages and calls even on the weekends. I highly recommend Rhonda." BH

    "After starting therapy with Rhonda, my life has changed for the better in a matter of weeks. I've experienced a complete transformation in my life. As a result of my therapeutic alliance with Rhonda, I've had an encounter with God's love. This completely changed me and I know I will never be the same. All the weights, shackles, and chains are shattered. All the fear, doubt, guilt, and shame have vanished...never to return. Through counseling, effective healing strategies, and a weekend retreat that Rhonda recommended, God has transformed me into the woman He created me to be." LH

    "Rhonda is a fantastic counselor! She is personable and easy to talk to. She is warm, understanding, and non-judgmental. She is the best mix of comforting and constructive. It is like talking to someone familiar, who actually gives great, unbiased advice. She uses practical tools like worksheets and thinking exercises to view one's emotions in a logical way. I really enjoy working with her and she is definitely one of the best counselors I've had." R.A.

    "Ms. Rhonda is a bright and welcoming spirit and very well-versed on different topics. I’ve only been one of her clients for about a month, but she’s very responsive through the live phone sessions and text apps, and I enjoyed working with her so far. It has been helpful being able to vent and express my feelings about my mother’s loss and being the caretaker of my brother, while he’s dealing with his mental illness battles, and me trying to regroup and recover. She’s a good listener and has given me some sound advice and worksheets to work through my issues. I’m looking forward to this journey." S.H.

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