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  • The Manifesto of a Beautifully Broken Woman


    Who Am I?

    I am Beautifully Broken.

    I’m a writer and a counselor called by God to bind up the brokenhearted. (Isaiah 61)

    Writing is my ultimate passion. At the core of my heart, I’m a writer with a God-sized message busting to get out.

    That God-sized message is for beautifully broken women. My desire is to help guide you to explore the possibilities of a solution-focused and victorious life.

    I like to be acknowledged for my efforts, but that’s not what is really important to me.

    What do I believe with all my heart?

    I’m a born again, delivered, bought with a price, redeemed daughter of the King and Creator of the Universe.

    I’m a princess of the Lord Jesus. I know it! I’m forgiven.

    I share in the Holy and Eternal inheritance of Jesus Christ because I am a child of God.

    I have a home waiting for me in heaven where I will walk with my Lord on streets paved in gold.

    My friends and family describe me as caring, sincere, kind, strong, a survivor, devoted, happy, smart, funny, faithful, open, determined, forgiving, generous, empathetic, and humble.

    I strive to live up to these daily.

    What Are My Values?

    The ultimate goal of my life is to believe what God says, to please Him by obeying Him, and to trust Him with the outcome.

    My deepest core value is to always do the right thing.  I promise to live a life of integrity. I’m forgiven, therefore, I must forgive.

    I’m passionate about giving my gifts and talents to the cause of decreasing the hurt in this world. I will offer a kind word, make myself available for support, donate sacrificially to the mission field and be a missionary.


    What Breaks My Heart?

    Jesus breaks my heart for the hurting world. And…

    My heart still breaks when:

    Children are abused and neglected

    Women are mistreated and beaten

    Marriages end in divorce

    Babies are killed by abortion

    Someone dies by suicide, murder or terminal illness.

    What Will I Do To Minister to the Hurting World?

    I will….

    Show up, roll up my sleeves, and get dirty because we are not promised tomorrow.

    Write consistently by putting one word in front of the other just for the sake of writing and to get the message out to hurting individuals.

    Be a counselor by showing up for clients on time and attend supervision sessions to make sure I’m the best counselor I can be.

    As a counselor, I will help women make safety plans to get out of abusive situations.

    Make a stand against child abuse and neglect by reporting suspicious behavior and giving children a safe place to express themselves.

    Support suicide prevention by assessing every client that comes to me for suicidal thoughts and actions and help them renew their minds by developing a safety plan.


    Beautifully Broken

    How will I do it?

    I will…..

    Pray for those who are hurting and on a path of destruction so they change their course and turn to the Lord.

    Fight to unify marriages and uphold the biblical standard of marriage between a man and woman who were created in the image of God.

    Show up for my shift daily at my clinic to minister to people who need a listening ear, a loving spirit, and the willingness to guide in truth, kindness, and love.

    Help people make the connection of what truly changes their hearts and lives.

    Live a life with an attitude of generosity and thankfulness by blessing others and not expecting anything in return.

    Respect and love my husband with the power and strength of Christ to make my marriage a legacy and example for the next generation.

    Make every effort, with the power of the Holy Spirit, to maintain an attitude of forgiveness toward others by viewing people the way God sees them.

    My treasures will be the Great Commission, which is to tell the good news of the gospel to the lost world, helping hurting & desperate people, and building up the body of Christ.

    My tools for accomplishing this will be writing and sharing my testimony in person.

    I’m compelled do all of the above regardless of accolades or reward. When I don’t worry about recognition or having my efforts acknowledged, I will have the most impact.


    This Life Isn’t All About Me

    It is about laying down my life for other people, dying to myself, and putting Jesus in front.

    Since I am truly a follower of Jesus Christ and He is the leader of my life, then I resolve to put my faith into action and do what Jesus would do, think as He would think, and meet needs He would meet. Jesus was beautifully broken for everyone.

    And finally, in actively doing all of the above, Jesus will be my strength, my song, and my life. His blood runs through my veins, washes me clean, and makes me pure.

    Jesus is the foundation of this Manifesto, for I can do nothing apart from Him. I’m beautifully broken.

    Let’s Talk about it!

    Do you have a manifesto? What are your values? How are you beautifully broken? What do you want to pick a fight with to upset the status quo? Share in the comments below…I would love to hear your thoughts!

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