• How to Work With Me

    Do you have a history of dysfunctional relationships?

    Are you wondering why you attract people who abuse you?

    Has shame, insecurity, anxiety, lack of trust, rejection, loneliness, frustration and disconnection taken their toll on your mental and emotional health? 

    Imagine learning how to respect yourself. What would it feel like for you to reclaim your power?

    Consider for a moment, what it would look like for you to finally achieve a healthy & loving relationship. 

    You’re probably wondering how I can possibly help you achieve that.

    When you read my story here, it will help you understand how I’ve uniquely designed my therapy services to help you obtain healthy, loving relationships.

    Your treatment plan is created for your specific needs. You and I are a collaborative team working towards your goals during the therapeutic journey. 

    You can expect a complete transformation in your life and relationships if you are willing to put in the work.

    I must warn you that therapy is not a magic wand or a quick fix. Therapy requires your active and willing participation for you to achieve the best results. 

    Therapy is a financial/time commitment. It is also an investment in your emotional and mental health. You need to know what you are getting yourself into. One of the best decisions you can make about therapy is an informed decision. 

    My therapy services are for you if….

    • You are ready to make the changes you desire for your life and relationships
    • You are willing and able to invest the money and time it takes to get your best results out of therapy.
    • You are willing to actively participate in the process of therapy and follow recommendations.

    My therapy services are NOT for you if…

    • You’re looking for a quick fix for your problems
    • You’re not willing to take responsibility for your part of the process (i.e.do the work)
    • You’re therapist shoppin ‘n’ hoppin (jumping from therapist to therapist when therapy gets uncomfortable and difficult). 

    My clients are serious about wanting to work through their problems. They are committed to the bumpy road to recovery. They are willing to risk the pain of growth. Is this you? If so…

    Here’s how to get started…..

    Step 1. Provide your email address and watch your inbox for a private & secure link to the practice policy paperwork from me. Before we start our therapy journey together, I’d like to know a bit about you and what you’d like to get out of therapy with me.

    Step 2. If you have insurance, provide your coverage information by using this link

    Step 3. Schedule an appointment. You can do that right HERE.

    Step 4.  Complete all practice policy paperwork.

    Step 5. At the scheduled time of your therapy appointment, we’ll use the opportunity to let you share your thoughts and feelings about what you are struggling with. Then we will create goals that will help you get the relief you are looking for.

    Step 7. Pay your session fee/co-pay at the time of therapy appointment.

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