• God’s Not Dead


    Seeing is believing…..?

    Is God Dead to you? It might be easy for you to believe God is dead. Have you experienced God’s presence? or has He seemed absent from your life?

    I understand it’s difficult to believe God is alive because we can’t see Him physically and you might’ve thought…. seeing is believing, but Jesus was God in the flesh. History proves He lived on earth, established a ministry, was nailed to a cross and died, and was resurrected from His tomb.

    Our circumstances potentially dictate our beliefs. Bad circumstances can be devastating to any bit of faith we have. However, there is a deep need in us to believe in something bigger than ourselves.

    Do you know where the need to believe comes from? God.

    God is present in our struggles

    I’m struggling with my current job situation. The overwhelming exhaustion I feel from my schedule is beginning to affect my health in several negative ways.  I feel the need to look for a new job, but guilt whispers…..“just suck it up and be thankful.”

    I want a solution to this problem and a new job… like yesterday. Patience skates on thin ice when I am exhausted. But I remember, from prior experience with God, He gives me the wisdom, comfort, patience, grace, and love I need to get through difficult times.

    In my memoir, Beautifully Broken: My Journey to a Mended Heart, I reveal a lifetime of traumatic events, which God heals miraculously. I’m living proof of a loving God who is with us in our pain. I invite you to read the book to witness a real encounter with God.

    God Dead

    Waiting on God is hard

    I understand how lonely and frustrating it is to wait for the answers to our questions, relief from our pain, and healing from our sickness. We wonder… does God even care? I’ve come to realize, God (the teacher) is quietest during the test.

    When we go through various trials and tribulations, our faith is tested, stretched, and refined. When we get to the other side our faith is transformed into intimate trust in the One who holds our life in His hands.

    God shows up

    Proof of God’s existence shows up in Love. Love can’t exist without God because He created it. We love others because God loved us first. Love isn’t dead, so God isn’t.

    God shows up in my husband’s supportive comfort, a friend’s encouraging words, God’s daily blessings of beauty in nature, His provision of every need, and His forgiveness when we mess up.

    God pulls us out of the pit of failure and helps us to start over. He is with us through every sorrow and heartache. And He even celebrates our victories!

    The same Holy Spirit power that resurrected Christ from the dead lives inside you and me. He promises strength  to endure anything that comes our way and comforts us when we cry out in pain. That’s how I know …. God’s Not Dead.


    God Dead

    Let’s Talk About it!

    Have you often felt that God is far away and He doesn’t really care about you? When do you feel closest to God? Share in the comments section below.

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