• 4 Amazingly Effective Ways to Combat Stress

    Stress & the Pressures of Life

    It’s impossible to avoid stress forever, but sometimes you just need a way to relieve your stress from the pressures of life for a moment.

    Let’s face it, life can throw some unexpected curve balls and then Whammo!!!! Stress decides to pay you a visit. 

    Sound familiar? You might be asking…. what can you do to relieve your stress when life punches you in the gut?

    So, because the stress of life is so cruel, I’m compelled to show you 4 amazingly effective ways to combat stress in this post. 

    Practicing daily mindfulness:

    • Be aware of what’s happening in the present moment without allowing events to overwhelm you or cause a reaction.
    • This can be a form of meditation with deep breathing and relaxation exercises to help you focus on the present and not allowing your mind to wander to the negative thoughts trying to creep their way in.
    • Mindfulness is also finding a place of peace despite the chaos happening around you. (Mindful, 2014)
    • Here is a worksheet on Mindfulness provided by Therapist Aid (Download it here.) 

     Exercising consistently each week:

    • Some ideas- Walking, working out at the gym, Yoga, Jogging, and dancing.
    • Here is an informational worksheet from Therapist Aid  on the Mental Health benefits of active physical exercise. (Download it here).
    • Exercise is a great stress reliever and outlet for negative emotions. 

    Prayer Journaling:

    • There is something wonderfully cathartic about writing your prayers and feelings.
    • Pouring your heart out onto the blank paper releases the intense emotions resulting from stress and creates a sense of peace in you because you are handing your stress and pain over to a power greater than yourself.
    • Here are some prayer journaling resources and ideas to get you started. (Check them out here.)
    • Also check out these DIY Journal ideas here!



    Focused Coloring:

    • Using your mind to focus on doing something creative like focused coloring on a Mandala quiets the inner critic and allows the creative juices to flow.
    • Here are some Mandalas to get you started.
    • Please note that this list of tips to combat stress is not completely exhaustive. I’m sure there are many other effective ways to combat stress not listed here. However, the tools mentioned above have been extremely effective in my experience. If you would like to discuss ways to relieve your own stress, contact me for an appointment.
    • Therapist Aid has an extensive library of exercises to help you learn relaxation techniques and identify healthy ways to relieve stress in your life. 

    Here are some bonus resources below:

    Let’s Talk About it!

    What has been the largest source of stress in your life? What are you doing to manage your stress? Share in the comments below….




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